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Garten/Perle - Poster
Garten/Perle - Poster

Garten/Perle - Poster

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This poster is from my exhibition Garten/Perle in Werben (Elbe) .

Size: A3 (420 x 297 mm)  
Paper: 170g matte
Print: Offset


It will be shipped in a stable cardboard box.

more information about my work: www.anneschwalbe.de/blog

Customer Review:"First time I got your poster a few years ago, I felt like I had my own tiny window to a garden. I put it on a wall next to the bed, now I have a beautiful garden view. Thank you!"

"I am one of the ones with this Poster. And it greets me every morning at the top of the stairs as I leave my bedroom and go down to the kitchen to begin my day."


Dieses Plakat ist von meiner Ausstellung Garten/Perle in Werben (Elbe).

A3 - Offsetdruck - 170g Papier


mehr Informationen über meine Arbeit: www.anneschwalbe.de/blog