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The Coat

The Coat

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The Coat - made from 100% organic wool felt.

Based on my Sweater cut/design - this is the coat.

This coat is carefully sewn by me in Berlin. Each piece is a bit different and has small irregularities. That is welcome and part of the project.

Wool felt is a great fabric. It is warm and breathable. Wool has the characteristic to give away dirt and smells. For cleaning the wool it is perfect to just air the sweater. It is not necessary to wash it. 

I am sewing my sweaters since some years now. First for me, then for friends, then someone in Japan was interested in. I am interested in clothing and fashion since my youth. I like sewing, especially by hand. I like to work with my hands. I like simple things you can wear for years. 

If you have any questions, please let me know: anneschwalbe.berlin@gmail.com

more information about my work: www.anneschwalbe.de/blog

mehr Informationen über meine Arbeit: www.anneschwalbe.de/blog